Guess Who’s Coming After Amazon?

Amazon is releasing a smaller version of it’s Amazon Echo (the Echo Dot) for half the price! However small, this piece of technology is just as powerful and efficient as the Echo and can be spread throughout the house for best performance. It’s main competitor, Google Home, will be released later this year in November. The price for the Google Home will be $129 (which explains why Amazon just lowered the price for the Echo), and shipping will begin on November 4th.  Google Home can do the same things that Amazon can including play music, set timers, tell the news and weather. “But because Google has a lot of information on its users with access to calendars and emails, it can get to know users a lot more intimately than Amazon can right now” (Tiley,2016). For example, if someone wanted to plan out their morning, they could say, “OK Google, good morning” and Google Home would share the time, weather forecast, the commute time to work (or wherever you normally go in the mornings) and what’s on your Google Calendar for the day. More products like this will most likely appear in the future, but I wonder what new features we will start seeing.



Tilley, A. (2016, October 4). Google Home Vs. Amazon Echo: Everything You Need to Know. Forbes. Retrieved from


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