Have You Searched For This?

Voice search use has increased over the years, especially as technology gets better. “71 percent of 18 to 29-yea-old Americans use smartphone personal assistants, and about 40 percent of all voice search users have taken it up in the past six months” (Iwasiuk, 2016). Currently, there are four companies that use voice search: Amazon, Apple Google and Microsoft. Marketers will have to adjust their blog and website content to match the needs of voice search in the future. When people use voice search, they use natural language instead of searching with keywords or short sentences that don’t make sense. For example, it you had a soy sauce stain on your white pants we used to search using, “Soy Sauce Stain”, “Remove Soy Sauce Stain”, or “Soy Sauce Stain Removal.” When using voice search, people are more likely to use, “How can I get soy sauce out of white pants?” (Zantal-Wiener, 2016). Are there any other techniques that marketers can use to benefit from voice search?


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Guess Who’s Coming After Amazon?

Amazon is releasing a smaller version of it’s Amazon Echo (the Echo Dot) for half the price! However small, this piece of technology is just as powerful and efficient as the Echo and can be spread throughout the house for best performance. It’s main competitor, Google Home, will be released later this year in November. The price for the Google Home will be $129 (which explains why Amazon just lowered the price for the Echo), and shipping will begin on November 4th.  Google Home can do the same things that Amazon can including play music, set timers, tell the news and weather. “But because Google has a lot of information on its users with access to calendars and emails, it can get to know users a lot more intimately than Amazon can right now” (Tiley,2016). For example, if someone wanted to plan out their morning, they could say, “OK Google, good morning” and Google Home would share the time, weather forecast, the commute time to work (or wherever you normally go in the mornings) and what’s on your Google Calendar for the day. More products like this will most likely appear in the future, but I wonder what new features we will start seeing.



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Can Facebook Live Be Too Much?

Facebook wants users to begin using Facebook Live as often as possible so that there is a large amount of user-generated content to choose from with a variety of viewers. Most videos that get posted on Facebook Live become viral within seconds, like the man that was mauled by grizzly bears and posted his bloody video for the world to see. “The video post has been viewed 12 million times so far” (Quinn, 2016). You can watch the video here:

“This fall, the Turner-owned digital sports company will air three high school football games on Facebook Live, all with interesting storylines that could make them appointment viewing. One of the games will feature a team that never punts, a story that’s gotten some attention from other media outlets but will in theory be a lot more fun to consumer in a live broadcast that can be viewed on your phone” (Barr, 2016). Personally, I’ve noticed some people on my news feed starting to experiment with Facebook Live and see what it is that generates the most views. I recently watched one of my old volleyball teammates use Facebook Live by broadcasting her beach pick-up volleyball game live. There were 30 people watching (most were teammates that wanted to just watch a game of volleyball and the rest were family) and we watched the entire hour long match. The other night, my friend went on Facebook Live to show us a spider that she was afraid to kill and reached out to those watching for advice on how to kill it!

How have you used Facebook Live?


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Social Media and Security

Recently, Kim Kardashian has been in the media after being robbed in her and Kanye West’s apartment in Paris. The hotel is very exclusive in Paris (it doesn’t even have a listed address) and can cost people up to $30,000 for just one night’s stay. While she was hanging out after going to Paris Fashion Week shows, she was robbed at gunpoint inside the apartment, and was left tied up after the robbers escaped with over $100 worth of jewelry.

What has some people worried is that the use of social media to pinpoint where you are every moment may be interesting and enjoyable for your followers, but there can also be bad guys watching as well. Kim Kardashian tweeted, snapped and posted pictures on Instagram of most moments in her journey in Paris. One of the pieces of jewelry that was stolen was her engagement ring from Kanye West that she showed off just a few days before on her social media (worth an estimared $4.49 million).

A police officer stands guard at the entrance of a luxury residence on the Rue Tronchet in Paris
A police officer stands guard at the entrance of a luxury residence on the Rue Tronchet in central Paris, France, October 3, 2016 where masked men robbed U.S. reality TV star Kim Kardashian West at gunpoint early on Monday, stealing jewelry worth millions of dollars, police and her publicist said. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Brian Calkin, Vice President of Operations at the Center for Internet Security, stated that, “With social media, everyone is posting updates all the time on an almost near real-time basis. You are essentially sending out a beacon as to your whereabouts” (Serjeant, 2016). How could celebrities keep their fans and followers up to date with their brand without compromising their own security?


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