Ethical Marketing

This week we talked about marketing to children and whether it is ethical. I used Capri Sun as my example because they utilized cause marketing in order to help promote their product by addressing childhood obesity. On their page, they ask children 3 questions in order to help them determine what types of games they can play so that they can be active with their Capri Suns instead of sitting around the house. Was this an ethical type of marketing or should marketers only advertise to the parents instead? Research has actually placed some of the blame for childhood obesity on the ability of children to have access to various types of media and now spend more time in front of a computer, television or gaming screens (2016). Is it possible that this epidemic could be thanks to an increase of new media, or should there be better laws or restrictions in place to help control what types of advertising companies are creating that target children?


(2016). The Impact of Food Advertising on Childhood Obesity. APA. Retrieved from


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